1. How do I get started?
To get started , simply click on the contact me tab and schedule your free consultation.

2. How much do the services cost?

Some services are free, others have prices in the descriptions. Everything is negotiable. There are ways to get discounts and coupons as well.  Your success is most important and we will work with you to fit the plan into your budget.

3. Is this going to be hard?

It will take commitment and a plan , but rest assured you are unique and we customize the plan to fit you so you succeed.

4. Do I have to take vitamins?

Absolutely not. The vitamins are optional.

5. How fast will I lose weight?

Our goal is to help you lose weight at a healthy rate to keep it off. Each person is unique, so we customize a plan that fits you the best to have success.

6. Will insurance pay for any of these services?

Insurance will not pay for these services, however your insurance could decrease and you could qualify to use your H.S.A.

7. Will my doctor be ok with this?

We work with your doctor to assure your medical team agrees with the plan.