My Story

Hi and welcome! 

Are you EXHAUSTED with your attempts to get answers? Get help or feel better? 

If you are FRUSTRATED or living in Pain and ready to get unstuck you are in the right place! 

Super excited you are here and even more excited you are ready to get unstuck and get SOLUTIONS.

Whether it’s SOLUTIONS for your health & wellness or someone you care for, it’s TIME to take your life back. If not now, when? 

I am Debi, a registered nurse that went from 

From Living In Pain to 55lbs Lighter. I Help The Burnout Patient & Caregiver  Go From No Answers to  Solutions.

Where was I?

 I too was stuck in my health journey and frustrated with the constant darkness in my life. As a nurse, I couldn’t figure out why everything I tried didn’t work.

I was STRESSED with the daily demands of being a caregiver to my adult child with special needs that I thought was broken. 

That stress led to “emotional eating” to feel better, but I only felt worse. The bloating, weight gain, increased medications for blood pressure and border line diabetes was dragging me into a very lonely dark place of nothing but negativity and seclusion. 

Can you relate? 

I seen one doctor after another only to end up with FRUSTRATION and no solutions or a new medication that came with some friends called side effects. 

Can you believe the United States is 3% of the world's population and we consume 95% of the worlds
medication? How scary is that?

What caught my attention?

The daily pain and desire to hide myself.

 The sad energy I put off that caused my mentally delayed child to ask “ what’s wrong Debi?” 

The inability to take time off to RELAX and fill up to serve my loved ones. 

The constant hurdles to search & find help. 

What I did?

I took a step of faith and TRUSTED a friend to help me learn about my bodies roadmap to health & wellness.

Guess what happened next? 

I applied my road map and started building my 5 pillars of health & wellness. 

I found out...

  • It wasn’t my fault I was overweight and I lost 55 pounds 
  • The pain moved away 
  • My sleep increased 
  • My depression motivated me to clean my table by writing my daughter's story of SUNSHINE in a book. 
  • The book taught me to find the SUNSHINE in life storms with insight from a mentally delayed child that is pure and true. 

What's next for me?

 I never want to be without my health again! So that is why I am here. I am here to help others reach their BALANCE with the 5 pillars of wellness and get SOLUTIONS to their pain and resources to help support the caregiver.

 I want to be your partner and lock arms with you so you can live your best life! 

Ready? Set? LETS GO!